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Typing test

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Your final score: [CPM] CPM (which is [WPM] WPM)

Good job, you typed all [WORDS] words flawlessly!

Technically you had a score of [RAW_CPM] CPM, but you made [WRONG] errors, which were not counted for your actual score.

Take a 2 minute break, you've earned it.

To reach the entry level of touch typing, key speed = 1~2 (keys/second), or 120 characters/minute or more, the accuracy rate of 100% is normal.

Entry speed requirements:

  • The entry-level entry staff should input at least 180 English characters per minute, and the error rate should not be higher than 2/1,000.
  • The input of English characters per minute for intermediate entry personnel is not less than 220, and the error rate is not higher than 1/1000.
  • The senior input staff should input not less than 280 English characters per minute, and the error rate should not be higher than one thousandth.

Ways to improve typing speed

Find a keyboard that is comfortable to use. The keyboards come in different shapes, some with ergonomic designs for more comfortable typing. If your current keyboard isn’t working well, try out some ergonomic keyboards and find one that’s more comfortable for you.

Pay attention to the key size. The larger the button, the easier it is to use. When buying a keyboard, you can look for a keyboard with more commonly used keys such as numbers and letters than other keys.

The keycaps of some keyboards are designed to be concave to conform to the shape of the fingers. If you’re trying to improve your typing speed but also want to eliminate typos, this is the keyboard for you.

The keyboard should preferably have strong tactile feedback, with enough resistance to let the user know that the key has been successfully activated. The resistance also prevents users from accidentally hitting unnecessary keys while typing.

Become familiar with the keyboard. Most keyboards use a fairly standard arrangement, and only a few may have different functions or layouts. Be sure to read the instructions or manual that came with your keyboard carefully to learn about all key functions and shortcuts that may be useful to you.

Once you’ve figured out what all the keys do, try to picture the keyboard in your mind so that you can evoke this image in your mind as you type. Many keyboards have shortcuts to help you save time and easily type common commands. Familiarize yourself with keyboard shortcuts to help you type faster.

Many jobs now require employees to be able to type on a computer because office work is now automated to improve work efficiency. Therefore, an employee’s typing speed is particularly important at work. Ordinary people may only be able to type dozens or hundreds of words a minute. Do you know how many words the fastest typist in the world can type in one minute? In this installment of the tour, I’ll show you coffee.

Previously, the person who maintained the fastest typing speed was a female secretary from the Czech Republic, who could hit 750 keys in a minute. I believe many people are shocked when they know, because few people can achieve such fast hand speed, but now the fastest typing speed in the world is a programmer from the United States.

In an international shorthand competition, he struck 24,224 keys in 30 minutes, an average of 807 keys per minute. The speed is so fast that many people can’t match it after seeing it. After all, it is 4-5 times the typing speed of ordinary people.

The picture of the man typing is also very shocking. I saw him crackling on the keyboard, and a bunch of characters were typed out. He hardly ever had to look at the keyboard, as if the keyboard had become a part of his body, and his hands were so fast that he couldn’t see at all.